Great British Dig: lost priories

I’ve just finished watching the third episode of the recent series of The Great British Dig, which was filmed on location last autumn during the pandemic. Hats off to the production team and crew, because they’ve managed to make a remarkably seamless set of programmes featuring some fascinating subjects, while contending with social distancing regulations … More Great British Dig: lost priories

Buried treasure

Our next door neighbour has been digging out a new flower bed in his very pretty cottage garden. His house used to be a warehouse and stables before it was converted to a dwelling, and it’s obvious that his garden must have been the junk heap judging by the things he’s been discovering. These included … More Buried treasure

Watery Reward

You’ll have noticed I haven’t been posting much about trips out lately. There’s a good reason for that – thanks to the latest lockdown, we haven’t been allowed to make any. However, yesterday we had an errand to run in the neighbouring town of Ambleside, and while we were there it made sense to combine … More Watery Reward