Wezzy Gezzy at 200

The title refers to the pet name for our local newspaper, the Westmorland Gazette. It's based in Kendal and has just reached a rather impressive milestone - it's 200 years old this year! The paper was first set up in 1818 by William Wordsworth and a crony, to counter what they saw as the Whig [...]


Two go exploring on the coast

We'd planned to visit a museum in Lancaster really. But part way down the M6 motorway, Dave said he'd heard that it was easy to get to Hest Bank now the new Morecambe link road is open. For anyone who doesn't know, Hest Bank is a small settlement on the Morecambe Bay coast, just north [...]

Two go exploring in Easedale

Yet another decent forecast; yet another (still rare) chance to get out walking on the fells. In the event it wasn't wonderful - misty again, if not quite as foggy as our previous trip to Coniston. But it was dry, and not too cold, and brightened up gradually into a lovely day - although typically, [...]