Ghost story with a difference

The movie I Still See You seems to have had some awful reviews online. We thought we'd give it a go anyway, and we're really glad we did. It wasn't perfect (leap years*) but it was an original take on the traditional ghost story, with people who died when a secret government laboratory blew up... Continue Reading →

The Name of the Rose review

Not mine quite yet. But mentioning The Name of the Rose in my post earlier today reminds me that my good friend Jay Mountney has a wonderfully well-argued and thought-provoking review of the book, the film and the recent TV series on her blog. Do go and have a look and see what you think.... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: ghost movies

I suddenly realised I hadn't done a Friday Five for ages. And yesterday, a friend and I were chatting on Facebook about the difficulty in finding really good ghost movies to watch, which started me thinking what my own favourites in the genre were. So here's a selection (well, five, obviously!) of them, old and... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: ghost movies

Eeek, I'm a day late with this - but you can blame the fact that yesterday I spent half the morning stuck in a traffic jam and half the afternoon having lunch with my writers' group, one of whom is moving away. So I'm only just catching up! I've watched a few ghost films over... Continue Reading →

The Conjuring 2

Last night we spotted that Sky Movies were showing The Conjuring 2, based on the true events of the 'Enfield Hauntings' in north London in the 1970s. In the case, an ordinary family appeared to be targeted by ghostly and/or poltergeist activity in their home, and called in help in the shape of ghost-hunter Maurice Grosse... Continue Reading →

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