Five star review for Echoes of Blood

I'm glowing today, and not just because of the icy wind rushing past my face every time I set foot out of doors. This time it's because my new book Echoes of Blood has received its first Amazon review, and it's a really good one. The reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the book and has awarded it... Continue Reading →

Try before you buy: Echoes of Blood

Buying a book from an author you've not tried before - or even buying from an author you have read but in a different genre - can be a bit daunting. I know that lots of people don't know me from Adam (or perhaps Eve...) and those that do may not remember my gay romance.... Continue Reading →

‘Echoes of Blood’ out now!

Amazon stole a march on me overnight. I'd uploaded all the necessary bits and bobs for the new book yesterday, and understood that it took up to 3 days for the thing to be reviewed and added to the Kindle store. Fine, I thought. That's plenty of time to do a nice slinky cover reveal... Continue Reading →

Coming soon: Echoes of Blood

I haven't blogged much about my writing recently, but that doesn't mean I haven't been beavering away quietly in the background. In fact, in the last few weeks I've finished a brand new vampire book based on an old short story that I've completely rewritten and expanded. Lonely Sky was originally published in the anthology... Continue Reading →

Dracula sexy? Hmm…

I've finally caught up with the recent BBC adaptation of Dracula over the last few days. I was really looking forward to this, having been sucked in (sorry) by all the hype about how new, vibrant and 21st century it was, and how sexy they'd made the central character. Well, I'm not sure if I... Continue Reading →

Christmas ghosts #2

Just a quick ps to yesterday's post... while I was searching for a picture for the post, I came across this review in the Daily Telegraph of Susan Hill's Ghost Story, and nearly fell off my chair laughing. The reviewer clearly found less to enjoy than I did... but picked up on some of the... Continue Reading →

Christmas ghosts

There were two adaptations of ghost stories on TV over Christmas - Martin's Close, from an MR James story adapted by Mark Gatiss, and a version of Susan Hill's The Small Hand starring Douglas Henshall. I recorded both and have finally caught up, but I have to say both were rather disappointing. The MR James... Continue Reading →

Can’t Fool Me

Just what would happen if a cynical special effects expert took on the Greystones ghosts? Could she be the first to win the £1,000 prize on offer for staying overnight in the house? This is the premise of my new short story 'Can't Fool Me', which is appearing absolutely free on the Fox Spirit Books... Continue Reading →

Faces in the floor

...or, saying hello to some very old friends. When I was a kid my parents gave me a wonderful book. Actually they gave me lots of wonderful books, but this one has stuck in my mind more than most. It was a huge Readers Digest volume with a name that went something like 'Strange Stories,... Continue Reading →

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