Lovely new review for Echoes of Blood

I had a really nice surprise this morning when I got an email from BookBub, the online hub for all things e-book. It told me that not only had someone recommended Echoes of Blood, but had left a stonking review of the book into the bargain. The review includes phrases like  Fiona Glass creates an... Continue Reading →

The Well review

Someone recommended this book to me on a Facebook group, and I'm really glad they did. At first glance it's a murder mystery combined with romance, but on closer inspection there are creepier elements too. The book centres on a dilapidated old house in small-town America, and an ill-advised séance a group of teenagers hold... Continue Reading →

True Brit review

This book was a real surprise. A romance set in the world of TV talent shows, it tells the story of Pasha and Eddie, two singers from utterly different backgrounds who both have a burning need to win the Brit Pop contest. Once they find out the show is rigged, they work together to milk... Continue Reading →

Ghost story with a difference

The movie I Still See You seems to have had some awful reviews online. We thought we'd give it a go anyway, and we're really glad we did. It wasn't perfect (leap years*) but it was an original take on the traditional ghost story, with people who died when a secret government laboratory blew up... Continue Reading →

Lost in Time review

This is the first gay romance book I've read for quite some time (probably since Patrick Gale's A Place Called Winter). As soon as I saw the blurb for this I thought it sounded like my sort of thing - and I was right. It's a quirky mix of magic, monsters and mystery with a... Continue Reading →

The Taxidermist’s Daughter review

I finished this Kate Mosse book a few days ago and enjoyed it overall, but with a few reservations. The description of the setting on the Fishbourne marshes and the dark, brooding atmosphere were terrific, but the characters were rather less so and the whole taxidermy aspect felt wasted. See my longer review over at... Continue Reading →

Name of the Rose… or not

I recorded the whole of the recent BBC series of The Name of the Rose and was hoping to watch every episode before commenting here. I read the book back in the late 1980s - presumably soon after it first appeared - and loved the twisty plot, lush descriptions and the central characters of Brother... Continue Reading →

Dracula sexy? Hmm…

I've finally caught up with the recent BBC adaptation of Dracula over the last few days. I was really looking forward to this, having been sucked in (sorry) by all the hype about how new, vibrant and 21st century it was, and how sexy they'd made the central character. Well, I'm not sure if I... Continue Reading →

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