Name of the Rose… or not

I recorded the whole of the recent BBC series of The Name of the Rose and was hoping to watch every episode before commenting here. I read the book back in the late 1980s - presumably soon after it first appeared - and loved the twisty plot, lush descriptions and the central characters of Brother... Continue Reading →

Dracula sexy? Hmm…

I've finally caught up with the recent BBC adaptation of Dracula over the last few days. I was really looking forward to this, having been sucked in (sorry) by all the hype about how new, vibrant and 21st century it was, and how sexy they'd made the central character. Well, I'm not sure if I... Continue Reading →

Christmas ghosts #2

Just a quick ps to yesterday's post... while I was searching for a picture for the post, I came across this review in the Daily Telegraph of Susan Hill's Ghost Story, and nearly fell off my chair laughing. The reviewer clearly found less to enjoy than I did... but picked up on some of the... Continue Reading →

Christmas ghosts

There were two adaptations of ghost stories on TV over Christmas - Martin's Close, from an MR James story adapted by Mark Gatiss, and a version of Susan Hill's The Small Hand starring Douglas Henshall. I recorded both and have finally caught up, but I have to say both were rather disappointing. The MR James... Continue Reading →

The Bone Detectives review

In the 1990s Channel 4 had a really good name for archaeology programmes, spear-headed by the brilliant Time Team with its open-minded yet scrupulously scientific approach under the tutelage of Professor Mick Aston. This was quite possibly my favourite TV programme of all time, so when I saw that they were running a new series... Continue Reading →

Archaeology on TV

A quick note for anyone in the UK who's at a loose end tonight - Channel 4 have a brand new archaeology series called The Bone Detectives starting at 8pm. I haven't had a chance to see what it's all about, but I do recognise the name of one of the presenters - Raksha Dave,... Continue Reading →

Those pesky sexy vampires again…

I've not yet had a chance to see the BBC's new adaptation of Dracula - all three episodes are recorded and waiting for enough spare time for me to actually watch them.┬áBut I was intrigued to see this brief critique of the series by Kate Laity over at Punk Noir magazine, which grumbles slightly about... Continue Reading →

The Name of the Rose review

Not mine quite yet. But mentioning The Name of the Rose in my post earlier today reminds me that my good friend Jay Mountney has a wonderfully well-argued and thought-provoking review of the book, the film and the recent TV series on her blog. Do go and have a look and see what you think.... Continue Reading →

Loving the depths of Black Lake

We caught up on the end of this sequel/prequel series over the weekend and all I can say is wow, because I enjoyed pretty much every minute. The first series, set later on, was fun in a typical horror-trope 'and then there were none' way, but the characters weren't particularly likeable and there was too... Continue Reading →

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