Phone-friendly website

I noticed a few weeks ago that my website was doing weird things on my mobile phone, with text and graphics re-sizing seemingly at random, which made it quite hard to read. After a crash course (self taught) in HTML5 and CSS, I'm proud to say that I've coded a new version of my site [...]


Shadow of the Wind

I realised earlier today that I'd never got round to putting a review of this wonderful book on Goodreads.  So, to put the damage right I've now added a review and given it five very well-deserved stars. As I mention in the review, it did take me a while to 'get into' the book and [...]

Heritage open days #2

The Heritage open days scheme is a neat little idea where interesting properties that wouldn't normally be accessible open to the public for one weekend a year.  Last year we took advantage of it to visit an old chapel in Kendal, a rather strange Youth Hostel near Grasmere, and the fascinating "Merzbarn" project developed by [...]

Hello… again

Hi and welcome to my latest nook on the net.  Thanks to Blogger getting increasingly weird and apparently not supporting IE 11, I've decided to move lock stock and barrel to this new, old, site and start again.  Many moons ago I used to post book reviews here (and you can still read them below [...]