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All of a twitter

I’m slowly creaking my way into the twentieth century (never mind the twenty-first!) and have just opened up my own Twitter account.

It’s much more fun than I expected, with lots of local Cumbrian and Lakeland events, venues and people to chat to, as well as all my own interests to follow such as museums, art, architecture, history, gardens, reading (of course!), ghosts, and even the odd pot of chalk paint.  And new friends made already, which is always nice.

If you’d like to track me down, I’m on as F_Glass_Author (all the better ones were taken!).  I’ll usually follow legitimate fellow-tweeters (ie, no spammers or scammers) back.

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Say goodbye to Necessity’s Door

As mentioned the other day, my novella Necessity’s Door is now out of contract, and no longer available as of today.  Sorry if you missed it but, er, it’s been on sale for over three years now so where were you?!

In the meantime I’ve taken the opportunity to re-vamp my website, since I was taking all the links to the book down anyway.  I’ve checked the remaining links, added a link to that story I rediscovered recently, and also included for the first time three of my previously published stories, to read free on the site.  You can choose between Come Friendly Bombs which was commended in an online contest, Huff and Puff which was published in Mslexia, or Peeping Tom which was published by Pill Hill Press before they ceased trading.

I hope you enjoy poking around, and I hope to have more new stuff to add soon.

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Story from the archives

What a nice surprise.  Like the historian I studied to be I’ve been digging around in old files and archives, and have just re-discovered a short story I had published way back in 2011, which I quite thought had disappeared.

‘Clones’ appeared in The New Flesh magazine, which ceased trading not long afterwards (although I’m sure the two events weren’t actually linked…  Ahem.).  I assumed that the magazine’s web site would cease to exist, took the link off my own web page, and promptly forgot all about it.

Just shows how wrong you can be.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet The New Flesh site is still accessible, and my story is there along with many more.  The story is more than a little strange – but perfect for Halloween, so if you want to read about a scientist doing dreadful things with a vat of goo in a laboratory, follow this link!  I hope you enjoy it, and if I find any more buried treasure I’ll be sure to let you know.

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Raincheck for Roses

The sharp-eyed amongst you may have spotted that April has come and gone with no sign of ‘Roses in December’ being republished.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten – it’s just that when I came to look at the manuscript I found it needed a lot more work than I’d realised to bring it up to my current standard of writing (whatever that might be…!)  Little things like matching quote marks, bigger things like removing the endless dialogue tags, even bigger things like making sure it all makes sense.

It’s going to take longer than I bargained for, and will have to be fitted in alongside other writing projects and General Life TM, but I’m still hoping to get something viable at some point during the year.  It may just be a case of ‘Roses in December’ after all!

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Roses in… April?

Those of you who’ve known me for ages might remember my first novel, Roses in December, a gay paranormal romance set in a beautiful English garden.

Well, the good news is that I’m seriously considering republishing the book.  I now have a working cover, and once I’ve got to grips with all the conversion software, uploading to Amazon etc etc that’s involved, I’m hoping it’ll be available soon after Easter.

Do make a note in your diaries, and keep watching here for further updates on when/whether the book is coming – or whether I’ve torn all my hair out and hidden under the sofa for the foreseeable future!

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End of an era

100radgepacket2I’ve just heard the sad news that after eight great years publishing Radgepackets and various other dark, gritty  novels about the underbelly of life here in Britain, Byker Books are ceasing trading.  Pretty much immediately.

This is a huge shame.  Some of my own first forays into the printed word, certainly in the realm of dark, gallows-humour short stories, were published in the Radgepacket series and I’ll be forever grateful – not just for the publishing credits themselves but also for the many other great authors Byker brought me into contact with.

The CEO, Andy Rivers, blames the rise of cheap self-published e-books for the demise and he has a point.  So many authors are now stampeding down the self-publishing route that it’s depriving publishing companies of material.  And even the relatively low costs of running a small-scale business have to be offset against prices, which presumably means it’s hard to compete when every Tom, Dick and Josephine are virtually giving their work away.

I don’t know what the answer to this is, but I hope somebody finds it before too many more great, quirky, independent publishers go under.

And in the meantime, if you want the chance to grab any of the Radgepacket volumes before they disappear forever (and treat yourself to some fantastic, sharp little stories into the bargain), then head over to my website for more information on where to buy ’em.

RIP Byker.  You’ll be missed.

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It could never happen…

Could it?  After all, police officers are there to uphold the law, not bend it to their own devices or desires.  However, the more often I read about cases like this, where an undercover officer had a relationship with a woman, whilst operating undercover using an assumed identity, the more I realise that that ain’t necessarily so.

100NecessitysDoorAnd this is exactly the sort of background I was thinking of when I wrote Necessity’s Door, just over three years ago now.  Back then, details about cases like this were only just beginning to creep out of the woodwork, but they were there if you knew where to look.  I didn’t reproduce them exactly (my hero is gay, where this case involves a heterosexual relationship) but they provided suitable inspiration for all sorts of ‘what if’ scenarios involving undercover police and just how far they would/should go to maintain their cover.

Including, it seems, lying to the people they were sleeping with about the fact that they were police.

It all goes to show that however outlandish a writer’s plots, real life almost always manages to be another shade darker, and to surprise us in all sorts of ways.

If you’d like to read Necessity’s Door for yourselves and see where I took the inspiration and ran off with it to, then it’s still available as an e-book on Amazon US or UK.  Happy reading, and don’t forget – however unlikely it sounds, the book is based on fact!

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