Five star review for Echoes of Blood

I'm glowing today, and not just because of the icy wind rushing past my face every time I set foot out of doors. This time it's because my new book Echoes of Blood has received its first Amazon review, and it's a really good one. The reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the book and has awarded it... Continue Reading →

Too many spiders, not enough words

I'm sure all writers get days they'd rather forget. Today was one of them for me. I managed to add a whole 186 words to my current book, some of which are so useless I suspect they'll have to be changed again. Much of the rest of the day was spent vacuuming dead spiders and... Continue Reading →

‘Echoes of Blood’ out now!

Amazon stole a march on me overnight. I'd uploaded all the necessary bits and bobs for the new book yesterday, and understood that it took up to 3 days for the thing to be reviewed and added to the Kindle store. Fine, I thought. That's plenty of time to do a nice slinky cover reveal... Continue Reading →

Coming soon: Echoes of Blood

I haven't blogged much about my writing recently, but that doesn't mean I haven't been beavering away quietly in the background. In fact, in the last few weeks I've finished a brand new vampire book based on an old short story that I've completely rewritten and expanded. Lonely Sky was originally published in the anthology... Continue Reading →

Potted biographies?

The Writer's Garden by Jackie Bennett is a big, chunky coffee-table book stuffed with gorgeous photos and pen-portraits of various writers who have gained inspiration from a particular garden or gardens. I treated myself to a copy with some birthday money a couple of years ago, and have been reading through it steadily the last... Continue Reading →

Hanging out with a hippo

Not a real one, obviously. This is the wonderful Haphazardous Hippo, who runs a book blog and has rather foolishly given me free run of the place this weekend! In other words, she interviewed me recently and has posted the results on her blog today. The questions were great fun, so head on over to... Continue Reading →

Something a bit fishy…

  Dashing in to say that my new 75-word story Things That Go Bump is up at specialist flash fiction website Paragraph Planet today. It's a flippant little piece about ghosts, dead fish, and things that aren't quite as they seem. Do go and check it out - and I hope you have as much... Continue Reading →

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