Layers of history at Dartmouth Castle

The castle at Dartmouth is situated at the mouth of the River Dart, a short walk out of the town centre. It's a great place to put a castle, looking out across the river to Kingswear, and out to sea - and the people who lived here clearly thought so too because there's a medieval... Continue Reading →


Monday Mystery: High Street ‘Roman’ road

High Street is easily one of the most famous Roman roads in Cumbria - and quite possibly in the whole of the UK. So much so they called a whole mountain after it: the eponymous High Street in the far eastern fells, where the road reaches an impressive 2,700 feet above sea level. It was... Continue Reading →

A house fit for murder?!

Not really, of course. I'm talking about Greenway House in Devon, which was the summer home of 'queen' of crime writing Agatha Christie and where she wrote some of her books, set at least one murder scene, and no doubt got inspiration for plenty more. We visited a few weeks ago. I'd never been before,... Continue Reading →

Brief encounters at Carnforth

This morning we headed to Carnforth, mostly to go and see someone about some paving, but the parking charges in the town are now so steep we decided to stick around, make the most of it and visit the Railway Heritage Centre as well. As you might expect, this is based at the station, and... Continue Reading →

Monday Mystery: Well? What well?

Last time we visited the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry in Kendal, we came across an old map of the shores of (Lake) Windermere between Windermere (town) and Ambleside. It dated from sometime in the 18th or early 19th century, I think - well before the area started to become more developed after the... Continue Reading →

A boatiful new museum?

Sorry about the pun - I couldn't resist. It's true though - there's a new museum right here in Windermere that is both beautiful and full of boats! This is Windermere Jetty (full name Windermere Jetty: Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories), which has appeared on the site of the old Steamboat Museum like a... Continue Reading →

Two go mad at a motor museum

Well, not really - at least no madder than usual. But where do you go on a stormy day when gales are blowing horizontal rain across the scenery and you can't even keep an umbrella up? Answer: somewhere indoors, with lots to look at. And the Lakeland Motor Museum at Backbarrow is just such a... Continue Reading →

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