Just Visiting out now!

I'm delighted to announce that my latest book, Just Visiting, has gone live on Amazon overnight. No vampires in this one - instead it's a short time-travel romance set in a dystopian future where people are divided into caste and non-caste by the colour of their hair and skin. When non-caste dock-worker Madoc meets Josh... Continue Reading →

A Roman joke?

This little fellow (picture above, from the Guardian) was discovered at Vindolanda Roman fort, on Hadrian's Wall, amongst a collection of discarded leather offcuts. Unlike the other bits and bobs, it was deliberately styled as a mouse - something the experts believe is quite unusual. Roman Britain would have been over-run with mice and they... Continue Reading →

Research can be fun

Because I don't write full-on historical fiction, I rarely need to do the sort of research that involves text books, trips to libraries, or hours of poking about in online archives. I fact-check everything, of course, but that's usually as far as it needs to go. Just occasionally, though, I like to get more deeply... Continue Reading →

Lovely new review for Echoes of Blood

I had a really nice surprise this morning when I got an email from BookBub, the online hub for all things e-book. It told me that not only had someone recommended Echoes of Blood, but had left a stonking review of the book into the bargain. The review includes phrases like  Fiona Glass creates an... Continue Reading →

The Well review

Someone recommended this book to me on a Facebook group, and I'm really glad they did. At first glance it's a murder mystery combined with romance, but on closer inspection there are creepier elements too. The book centres on a dilapidated old house in small-town America, and an ill-advised séance a group of teenagers hold... Continue Reading →

History, Romans, Liverpool… and vampires?

You wouldn't think there could possibly be any connection between the above four things, would you? There is, though, as I explained on Annie Whitehead's blog yesterday. Even though Echoes of Blood is a love story set in modern-day Liverpool, I managed to crowbar all kinds of history - including Roman roads and an entire... Continue Reading →

Hoop petticoats

I first came across miniature - or 'hoop petticoat' - daffodils as a small child, in the Alpine Gardens at Grange-over-Sands, and fell in love with them instantly. They were tiny, delicate yet vibrant, and so very different from the larger, in-your-face daffs we had in our garden at home. Sadly, the Alpine Gardens are... Continue Reading →

True Brit review

This book was a real surprise. A romance set in the world of TV talent shows, it tells the story of Pasha and Eddie, two singers from utterly different backgrounds who both have a burning need to win the Brit Pop contest. Once they find out the show is rigged, they work together to milk... Continue Reading →

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