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Rainbow Snippets: love and a hooting owl

Another Saturday, another Rainbow Snippets post. I swear these come round so fast I barely have time to blink *grins* but it’s lovely to be able to share a few lines from one or other of my books. Don’t forget to check the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group for more snippets from LGBTQ books from all kinds of authors.

This week I’ve chosen another snippet from my latest book Run Wild, Run Free. The book is on special offer at JMS Books over Easter with a big 40% discount. So if you like the sound of the excerpt and fancy trying the book, now’s your chance! You can find the book here.

“He hit you? Christ, mate, you shouldn’t let him get away with that.”

Joey wanted to explain that it was his own fault—that he’d disobeyed the rules and this was his punishment—but he didn’t think Billy would understand. “It’s nothing. Doesn’t really hurt any more. I’d forgotten about it. Go back to what you were doing. Please? It was nice.” But the mood had changed. Billy drew him close again, kissing his shoulder and hugging him, the way Joey would hold a sparrow that had hurt its wing. And when they finally made love it was slow and quiet and comforting, and afterwards they lay together on the narrow bed and Billy wouldn’t let him go. And when the owl started hooting near dawn it was the perfect end to the night.

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Easter sale!

I’m dashing in to let you know that JMS Books have a massive Easter sale on all this weekend, with all of their books discounted by 40%!

You can find Run Wild, Run Free on offer, plus hundreds more titles by some of your favourite m/m romance authors. So why wait? Hurry along and browse their catalogue now!

And if you’d like to grab a copy of my book while it’s reduced, then head over to this link. I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps many more!

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Run Wild, Run Free on special offer

Great news – not only has my latest book just hit the virtual shelves but now it’s available at a discount, too!

If you scurry along to my publisher’s website you can get the book in their special ‘new release’ sale for 20% less than the regular price. Which means it’s only $2.39, or your local equivalent.

Do hurry, though, because the offer is only for the book’s first week and lasts until Friday 17th March.

He might know he was a disappointment to Dad—and the rest of the family—but there didn’t seem to be much he could do about it. He couldn’t help the way he was. The kids at school had laughed and pointed and called him simple, but he didn’t really think he was. He was just, well, different. School had been hell anyway; he’d hated it and bunked off as often as he could. Tramping the hillsides, running wild by the river, hunting for fox cubs or robins’ nests in the woods—it was all so much more interesting than sitting still for hours, cooped up in a classroom and listening to a load of boring facts and figures. The only subjects he’d ever shone at were art and biology, but Dad had refused to let him go to art college, and he’d given up after that. Now, just turned eighteen and almost illiterate, there didn’t seem to be much he could do, other than follow the rest of the family down the local mine. And that was the one thing he was utterly determined not to do.

Want to know what Joey does end up doing? Then don’t miss this special offer – grab the book now!