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Got Ghosts? You will have!

Terrific news in the last few days – my new book ‘Got Ghosts?’ is due out from Fox Spirit in October, all set to coincide with Halloween!

The book is a complete romp, very loosely based on the hit TV show ‘Most Haunted’, and features a haunted English manor house, and all the things that go wrong when the film crew of (entirely fictional) television series ‘Got Ghosts?’ come for a weekend to make a programme there.

Greystone Hall’s owner Emily has far too much to deal with, including a plethora of ghosts, an arrogant producer, happy and unhappy mediums, a set of missing paintings, and yet more ghosts, not to mention a burgeoning romance with someone she doesn’t expect.

More details to come, but then if you’re good psychics you’ll know that already…



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Out of contract…

My novel Gleams of a Remoter World is now out of contract and will no longer be available from Riptide Publishing or other sources.  I’m really sorry if you were hoping to buy the book and just missed out, but do keep an eye on what else I have available, and/or coming along in the next few months.  Don’t forget my new paranormal comedy romance Got Ghosts?, which will be published by Fox Spirit in 2017.  It might seem like ages away but the time will soon fly by!

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Ghostly good news

I’m just popping in to say that my paranormal romp of a novella, ‘Got Ghosts?’, has been accepted for publication by Fox Spirit.

The book centres around a rather dubious tv company and the mayhem they cause when they try to film a ‘haunted house’ programme at the thoroughly ghost-ridden Greystones Hall.  There are poltergeists, priest holes, missing paintings, happy (and unhappy) mediums, and ghosts galore!

I’ll have more details soon but in the meantime, in the words of the old Disney tv advert, “I’m so excited!”

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