Got Ghosts? You will have!

Terrific news in the last few days - my new book 'Got Ghosts?' is due out from Fox Spirit in October, all set to coincide with Halloween! The book is a complete romp, very loosely based on the hit TV show 'Most Haunted', and features a haunted English manor house, and all the things that... Continue Reading →

Ghostly pictures

Just in time for Halloween, there's a fascinatingly creepy but ultimately common-sense article about the Victorian practice of photographing ghosts on the Hyperallergic blog here. The article debunks some of the old myths surrounding ghostly photographs and is illustrated with some really good examples, as well as some that wouldn't fool anyone these days.  But... Continue Reading →

Story from the archives

What a nice surprise.  Like the historian I studied to be I've been digging around in old files and archives, and have just re-discovered a short story I had published way back in 2011, which I quite thought had disappeared. 'Clones' appeared in The New Flesh magazine, which ceased trading not long afterwards (although I'm... Continue Reading →

Halloween hauntings

There's an amusing piece in The Guardian today about the world's most haunted cities.  They list about a dozen from around the world, all supposedly haunted or beset by strange phenomena.  There are also some nice atmospheric photos - although none showing the ghosts.  Perhaps they wouldn't stand still long enough? If I'm honest the 'most haunted' label seems... Continue Reading →

Ghostly Lancashire

This month's Lancashire Life magazine has an amusing little piece about haunted stately homes in and around the county, presumably in the run up to Halloween. Locations on the list include Rufford Old Hall which is said to be haunted by Queen Elizabeth I (and no, the article's authors couldn't think why she would choose... Continue Reading →

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