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Recent Reads: Hiding Place by Jackie Keswick

I loved this book about two men, both dealing with different types of grief, coming together over their shared love of a very remote but very special house in Northumberland.

The setting, the mystery of the house and its secrets, and the romance all reminded me quite strongly of a couple of my favourite Mary Stewart romance books, which is no mean feat. However, Hiding Place is never a slave to Stewart as the main character is a rock musician and the central romance involves two gay men. And (dare I say it) the dialogue is a whole lot less stilted and more believable than Mary Stewart, too!

The two main characters felt utterly real, and the attraction they felt to one another in spite of their problems, a disinclination to share their emotional upheavals, and their general tetchiness was beautifully handled.

I gave the book 4 stars on Goodreads and BookBub, but if either of them did half stars I’d have easily rounded it up to 4.5.

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RoM/Mantic Reads: Jackie Keswick

This week’s offering on RoM/Mantic Reads is a lovely bonus scene from Jackie’s Power of Zero series, which seemed oddly appropriate at Easter with all the chocolate and hot cross buns!

Why not head over and read it for yourselves? If you enjoy m/m romance I’m sure you’ll love this.

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Release party! and giveaway!

A quick heads-up that tomorrow evening (Friday 24th September) I’ll be at fellow m/m romance author Jackie Keswick’s Facebook group, helping her celebrate the release of her new book Caught.

Caught is a m/m paranormal romance featuring demons and demon-hunters, with more than a hat-tip towards Japanese culture. It’s currently on pre-order but releases tomorrow, hence the party.

As you can see from the graphic there’ll be lots of authors taking part with all kinds of games, questions, and things to take part in, plus prizes and giveaways. I’ll be dropping in at 7pm (UK time) with a couple of posts about my latest book Heat Haze: Summer Sizzlers, and will be giving away one copy of the e-book. So if you fancy a chance at winning it, or chatting to me or any of the other authors, why not come along to Jackie’s Kitchen and join in the fun?