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Rainbow Snippets: Run Wild, Run Free

I have a brand new book out today, and it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss to feature it on Rainbow Snippets. This is the FB group which encourages its members to post (around) six lines from their latest work on their blog, then post a link back on the group.

‘Run Wild, Run Free’ is a sweet, old-fashioned romance set in an English mining village in the middle of the 20th century, which features Joey, a neuro-diverse young man, and Billy, an itinerant worker. It involves themes such as first love, coming of age, being an “outcast” from society, and the love of nature, and the latter is a particular, ongoing feature throughout the book. The snippet I’ve chosen includes a bit of it, as well as the first proper meeting between the two men:

The afternoon sun was hot again and he scurried for the shade under a huge old beech tree in the corner of the field. Flies buzzed and a breeze stirred the grass stems, shaking the delicate seed-heads in a never-ending dance, and his head sank lower and lower as the warmth lulled him to sleep. Until something kicked his outstretched leg and jolted him awake. At first he could see nothing, his eyes still glazed with sleep, but slowly a man’s figure revealed itself, black trousers and white shirt half hidden against the black-on-white fretwork of branches against the mid-afternoon sky. Heavy boots, dusty turn-ups, an embroidered waistcoat and a scarlet neckerchief added to the picture and his heart lurched.

If you like the sound of that, you can find the rest of Joey and Billy’s story in ‘Run Wild, Run Free’ from JMS Books, which is available as an e-book on Kindle here. And if you fancy winning a copy of the book, why not drop into the Small But Mighty M/M Romance group on Facebook this evening (UK time) where I’ll be posting a few fun bits and bobs and having a giveaway. If you’re not already a member of the group you can find it here. In the meantime, happy reading and I hope you enjoy the snippet and the book!