A rushed Tuesday on Orkney

By Tuesday we were due at Kirkwall on the Orkney 'mainland' (ie, the largest island).  Overnight, though, the problems with the ship had really started to show themselves.  We were due to leave Hoy at midnight, but after much clanking, grinding and banging the engines were switched off and we stayed put.  The same thing [...]


If it’s Monday, it must be Hoy

After our undignified departure from Leith, we chugged steadily northwards overnight and arrived on Monday at the Orkney island of Hoy.  More specifically, the quay at the village of Lyness on the island's east coast. We knew a little of the area's history: the fact that the British Navy was based here during both World [...]

Cruising Orkney, Shetland & St Kilda

We set off last Sunday on a week's cruise courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) around the islands of northern Scotland: Orkney, Shetland and St Kilda.  This was a bit of a dream for both of us since we'd never been to Orkney or Shetland before and were really looking forward to it.  [...]