Lovely new review for Echoes of Blood

I had a really nice surprise this morning when I got an email from BookBub, the online hub for all things e-book. It told me that not only had someone recommended Echoes of Blood, but had left a stonking review of the book into the bargain. The review includes phrases likeĀ  Fiona Glass creates an... Continue Reading →

History, Romans, Liverpool… and vampires?

You wouldn't think there could possibly be any connection between the above four things, would you? There is, though, as I explained on Annie Whitehead's blog yesterday. Even though Echoes of Blood is a love story set in modern-day Liverpool, I managed to crowbar all kinds of history - including Roman roads and an entire... Continue Reading →

Echoes of Blood on Kindle Unlimited

The main news today is that I finally got off my behind and enrolled Echoes of Blood onto Kindle Unlimited. This means that for anyone subscribed to the KU service, the book is now available completely free! I've been meaning to do it since I first published the book but the whole self-publishing process was... Continue Reading →

Vampires, coffins and… dustbins?

Just popping in to mention that I've added my vampire flash fiction This Life Sucks to the Free Stuff page on my website. The story, which was originally published by Pill Hill Press, was inspired by a real-life piece on the news. See if you can guess what it was before you reach the end... Continue Reading →

New cover for ‘Echoes of Blood’

The great thing about self-publishing is that it can be so flexible. Realise you've done something wrong and you can change it without annoying your publisher or putting them to a vast amount of trouble and expense. As I've just found out with my cover art. It wasn't "wrong", exactly. I liked the bat and... Continue Reading →

Two go to a castle

A different two this time - not Dave but my good friend Annie and I, who visited Sizergh Castle near Kendal yesterday afternoon. The castle itself was still shut for the winter season, but the gardens were mostly open and as they're lovely we had a really good wander round. Not only that but the... Continue Reading →

‘Echoes of Blood’ out now!

Amazon stole a march on me overnight. I'd uploaded all the necessary bits and bobs for the new book yesterday, and understood that it took up to 3 days for the thing to be reviewed and added to the Kindle store. Fine, I thought. That's plenty of time to do a nice slinky cover reveal... Continue Reading →

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