The beast from the east

Cumbria – or at least the western half of the county – seems to have escaped the worst of the wintry weather that Siberia has kindly sent our way. However, it’s still been bitterly cold (the maximum temperature so far today has been minus 1c) and with three inches of snow lying on the ground, plus a strong-to-gale-force easterly wind, it feels absolutely perishing.

Top marks, then, to our local bus company, who this afternoon were running not just any old bus service, but open topped buses! I’m not sure if that’s northern grit, sheer blazing optimism, or a shortage of usable road stock, but it certainly made me blink. Needless to say, there were no takers for the top deck on the one I saw trundling past…

In spite of the chill, the scenery has been wonderful. Here’s a couple of snowy shots of the garden, including some interesting patterns on the garden gate.




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