Classic Car Bonus

Another sunny morning; another walk. This time we zoomed down to the coast at Grange-over-Sands. We’d intended to walk to Kents Bank station along the promenade and the side of the railway line, but the first thing we saw in the car park was a sign advertising a classic car rally that just happened to be part way along the route.

After a coffee at one of the cafes along the promenade (including making friends with a small Yorkshire Terrier and having a nice chat to its owner), we headed for the Memorial Playing Fields where the rally was being held.

It turned out to be much larger than we were expecting, and not too expensive to get in, and with all proceeds going to the excellent Blood Bikes charity, so we handed over £10 and headed in. The competitors? entrants? hadn’t quite finished turning up but there was already a really good turn-out, with over 100 classic, vintage and veteran vehicles dating from the 1990s back as far as about the 1920s.

My own favourites were a stunning Healey saloon, and a Bentley S2 of the exact same vintage my grandfather drove when I was a small child. It didn’t seem to have the electric windows his had, but it did have the let-down picnic tables on the back of the front seats, and the gleaming all-walnut dash. It brought back some very happy memories!

When we weren’t poring over the cars, there was the view over Morecambe Bay to stare out at. All in all it was an unexpected and enjoyable bonus to a lovely morning out. Although I was amused to see that stray apostrophes don’t seem to be a new thing if the sign on this old van is anything to go by!

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