Phone-friendly website

I noticed a few weeks ago that my website was doing weird things on my mobile phone, with text and graphics re-sizing seemingly at random, which made it quite hard to read.

After a crash course (self taught) in HTML5 and CSS, I’m proud to say that I’ve coded a new version of my site from scratch.  And although it isn’t yet perfect, at least the text is all the same size now, which is a good start!

At the same time I’ve gone through and fixed a few broken links, checked which stories/books are still available, added some more information to my biography, and included a new short story, Footprints, in the ‘Tasters’ section, which is available to read free on the site.  Oh – and I’ve chucked in some pretty new graphics and a general new look into the bargain.

The new improved (I hope!) version is here and I hope you like it.  In the meantime, I’m off to lie down in a darkened room before all that coding kills me…

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