A nice spot for a walk

There’s a lovely piece on the BBC website today about Britain’s favourite locations to start walks from. Top of the list is Edale in Derbyshire’s Peak District national park, but coming in at number five is Ambleside right here in the Lake District.

This is virtually on our doorstep and is a real favourite with us too. It has all the amenities you’d need before setting off on a trek – cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops – and the countryside it’s set in is stunning. There’s everything from lakeshore at Waterhead to woodland to proper mountain scenery. And the walks themselves range from a quick dash to see the waterfalls at Stock Ghyll Force, to tackling the eleven mile round trip of the Fairfield Horseshoe.

Our own favourite walks include Stock Ghyll (pictured above), the route past High Sweden Bridge (an old packhorse bridge) to Scandale, and the more sedate stroll along the Under Loughrigg lane towards the village of Rydal. There’s also the lower but extensive tops of Loughrigg itself to explore, and a walk that takes in the shores of Rydal Water and a vast cave.

We love visiting Ambleside and try to get there whenever we can. I’m delighted to see that so many people now share that love. It’s a very special place.

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