Tea and Lakes

Talk about ‘these are a few of my favourite things’ – this article in the Manchester Evening News has two of them right there. Afternoon tea, and the Lake District. In other words, a list of great places to have tea in the Lakes.

There’s a good mix of different types of venues on there. Yes, there are some of the usual candidates for posh nosh with Michelin stars and taster menus, but there are also a handful of more ‘everyday’ cafes including the tea-room at Blackwell Arts & Crafts House, and an old favourite, the Hazlemere Café at Grange-over-Sands. I can remember having meals there with my parents when I was knee-high to an ant; these days it comes with its own artisan bakery and is rather wonderful.

I could add more to the list including Wilf’s in Staveley and Windermere’s own Sugar & Spice, but then they wouldn’t be closely-guarded secrets any more… ooops. Too late. But the Lakes in general is a wonderful place for a cuppa. Pass the cake.

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