Heat Haze – new free story

Today sees the release of my short story Heat Haze. Those of you with really long memories might remember that it first appeared in Velvet Mafia, which was a wonderful LGBT magazine publishing a wide range of stories back in the 1990s and early 2000s. After it closed its doors, Heat Haze had nowhere else to go and I quite thought I wouldn’t get it published again.

Until LGBT Romance Deals announced that they were looking for stories for their new range of e-book story collections. I dusted the story off, made a few quick tweaks, designed a pretty cover, and sent it off to them, and they accepted it. It’s now been included in the second volume of their Contemporary Romance Collection along with stories by seven other authors, and the whole thing (plus two other collections, the first Contemporary volume and one of paranormal themed stories) is available to download completely free on Prolific Works.

Heat Haze is a steamy little tale with a twist in its tail and its tongue firmly in its cheek. In it, English explorer Edward is out in the desert and finds his attention wandering to his handsome guide Rashid. In their tent at night Rashid returns his interest – but is their love-making even real, or just a mirage? Because in the desert heat, sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem…

If you’d like to download the story then please head over to Prolific Works and choose the Contemporary Volume 2 collection, with this cover:

You’ll be getting not just Heat Haze, but a whole bunch of other stories as well – all completely free! And why not check out the other two volumes while you’re there? You’re sure to find something great to read.

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