Qi Awards

I’m absolutely bowled over to have been nominated in this year’s Qi Awards from Queer Indie, in two different categories – Queer Lit: Speculative (Echoes of Blood, Just Visiting, December Roses) and Queer Lit: Romance (Echoes of Blood, Just Visiting).

These awards celebrate an author’s entire catalogue rather than individual books, and lack of space means the organisers can’t list every book from every author, which is why not all of my books are featured. December Roses is also romance, of course, and Trench Warfare could easily appear in both lists.

If you enjoyed these or any of my other books and would like to vote for me then follow this link, open up the drop-down menus behind the categories, and scroll down the alphabetical list of author names.

The awards are open until February 7th so there’s plenty of time to cast your vote. And thank you – I appreciate your support!

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