RoM/Mantic Reads: Combustion

There’s a new, free, short story of mine featured at the RoM/Mantic Reads m/m romance magazine today. ‘Combustion’ involves two men, a Ferrari and a birthday present and is completely tongue-in-cheek, with lots of slightly naughty references to internal combustion engines. It also features the two main characters from my paranormal romance Trench Warfare – archaeologist Steve and his sweet-natured right-hand-man Jon.

There was a muffled, breathless laugh. ‛Yeah. Suck, squeeze, bang and blow. Nothing to beat it.’

            ‛You what?’ His voice came out as more of a squeak than he’d intended. He cleared his throat.

            ‛I read it somewhere. Good description, don’t you think?

These two worked together for years before realising they wanted to be more than just colleagues. If you enjoy the story and want to read more about how they ever got together – not to mention that temple they discovered – then look no further than Kindle/Kindle Unlimited, where you can find all their adventures in Trench Warfare.

County archaeologist Steve Saunders desperately wants his latest dig to be a success. Too many people think he’s too young for the job, and besides, the chance to track down the town’s missing priory is too good to miss.

But the dig seems to be jinxed. The weather’s awful, the clients want the land back to build an apartment block, and the clients’ representative tries every dodgy trick in the book. On top of that there’s a strange, unfriendly atmosphere about the place. Could that be why the priory disappeared so thoroughly? And what’s the link to the unusual stairs Steve’s assistant Jon finds in the cloister trench?

Throughout everything, Jon proves to be an invaluable support. But when he tries a trick of his own, he sets off a chain of events that lead to a result nobody, least of all Steve, expects.

Trench Warfare is available here.


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