Rainbow Snippets: a bit of archaeology

This week’s #RainbowSnippet is from my paranormal romance Trench Warfare, which is set on an archaeological excavation that seems to be jinxed. Not only is the weather foul, but the site owners want the archaeologists out of the way so they can build an apartment block and their agent isn’t above trying to help Steve and Jon on their way…

The smile was getting thinner all the time. ‛That’s a pity. I was hoping you had a magic wand.’

            I raised both my hands and waggled them. ‛Sorry. No wand. But while you’re here, why don’t I give you a tour of the site? We might not have managed much progress since I last spoke to you, but there are a few finds coming up that strongly suggest it was a religious site.’

            ‛I think the board would prefer it if there weren’t.’ He examined his fingernails as though they were the most interesting thing on earth.

I featured this book’s characters in my short story ‘Combustion’ which I blogged about earlier today, so it made sense to pick an excerpt from the book for a snippet. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want to read more about strange staircases, an unknown temple, a broken leg and something nasty in the undercroft, then why not have a shuftie at the book. It’s available on Kindle (and KU) for only £2.99 (or your local equivalent).



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