October newsletter due tomorrow

My first ever monthly newsletter is slated to go out tomorrow (Wednesday) just in time for Halloween. As a nod to the spooky time of year it’ll include an excerpt of my current paranormal romance work-in-progress The Ghost Listener, a book review of ghost story Pipe by Wade Lake, a drinking game inspired by Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings – and a whole free Halloween-theme short story, Jack O’Lantern.

If you like the sound of this chill-fest, there’s still time to sign up. When you do, you’ll also be able to claim another free short story, Monster in the Maze, based on the ancient Minotaur legend from Ancient Greece. That’s two stories for the ‘price’ of a free monthly newsletter!

I hope you enjoy the news, snippets, book recommendations, reviews and general silliness in the newsletter – and the stories, of course. And stand by for next month, which should include another ghost-y book review, a piece about Roman roads, and more details on the WIP…

Sign up for the newsletter here!

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