‘Echoes of Blood’ out now!

Amazon stole a march on me overnight. I’d uploaded all the necessary bits and bobs for the new book yesterday, and understood that it took up to 3 days for the thing to be reviewed and added to the Kindle store. Fine, I thought. That’s plenty of time to do a nice slinky cover reveal and a few teasers about the book. And then I got an email, at about ten to midnight, saying it was already available!

Full marks to Amazon for a speedy response at any rate. And now, with slightly fewer fanfares than I’d planned, here is the new book in all its glory. Echoes of Blood is a poignant gay romance featuring vampires, New Romantics, and an entire missing legion of the Roman army, all set in modern day Liverpool. Think that sounds impossible? Why not check out the book to see how on earth I shoe-horned it all in?

I’m very proud of the cover art which I designed myself, using two amazing images from Pixabay (the bat, copyright Alexas_Fotos) and Unsplash (the ripples, copyright Caroline Grondin). I can thoroughly recommend both sites as excellent resources for anyone planning their own artwork project.

I’ll be posting more details about the book, setting, characters etc over the next few weeks. In the meantime you can find more information, and an excerpt if you want to ‘try before you buy’, at my website.

Or you could, of course, just head over to Kindle and treat yourself to a copy right now. It only costs £2.99!


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