Try before you buy: Echoes of Blood

Buying a book from an author you’ve not tried before – or even buying from an author you have read but in a different genre – can be a bit daunting. I know that lots of people don’t know me from Adam (or perhaps Eve…) and those that do may not remember my gay romance.

So, here’s a chance to dip into my new book, and try it before you buy it. Those nice people at Stonewall Writers & Readers have posted a lengthy excerpt which you can read absolutely free. The piece I chose is from the very beginning of the book and introduces the main character Daniel, as well as some of the mystery involving the Fallen Angel club and a couple of its more enigmatic customers.

Even if it doesn’t tempt you to buy the book, I hope you enjoy it. If you like it and want to read more, the book is available to buy on Kindle at only £2.99. And thank you!

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