Read around the Rainbow

The sharp-eyed amongst you might have spotted a snazzy new graphic in my sidebar with lots of purple and rainbows, and the helpful text ‘Read Around the Rainbow’, plus ‘previous’, ‘random’ and ‘next’.

This might all sound rather mystifying, but what it actually means is that I’ve joined a webring of fellow LGBTQIA+ authors and bloggers. The ring so far comprises around ten different blog owners, including Ellie Thomas, Nell Iris, Ofelia Grand and Amy Spector. All of us will post our own take on the same topic one day a month. There will then be links to other ring members’ posts, so if you like one, you can quickly follow others on a similar subject.

It’s a great way to discover new authors and bloggers in your favourite genres. My own writing is very much on the gay, m/m end of the spectrum, but other ring members write every different shade of the rainbow so there should be something for everyone. And of course you don’t have to wait for that special day each month to check out the other members’ blogs – just click on the ‘previous’, ‘random’ or ‘next’ at any time and you’ll automatically be whizzed off to a different blog.

Huge thanks to fellow author A L Lester for setting the whole thing up (with much gnashing of teeth and lying down in darkened rooms – it wasn’t an easy process). The first group post will be on 25th March, about our dream writing venues, so don’t forget to check back then and read about my fantasy shepherd’s hut!


  1. ooh – this is exciting! If you ever want to expand your ring, please keep me in mind! I look forward to your first post!

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