Rainbow snippets: December Roses

It’s that time of week again, when I post six lines from one of my books for the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group. This week, I’ve chosen my paranormal romance novel December Roses, because it’s set in a garden and gardening means summer (even though this particular snippet mentions autumn, my bad) and it’s summer right now. Allegedly. Well, two warm days and a thunderstorm, so I’m guessing that counts as summer, right? *grins*

Anyway, on with the excerpt. This is from fairly early on in the book, where main character Nat is settling into his army rehab unit and gets his very first glimpse of the garden that comes to mean so much to him…

The curtains had been drawn when he’d left the room, but someone (Elsie, perhaps) had been in and pulled them back. The autumn sun had crept round the corner of the building, but a narrow yellow stripe still decorated one wall and sunshine gilded the treetops outside. He’d been right about the garden, if you could call it that. The room looked out over a sea of green, mostly consisting of weeds and overgrown shrubs. A splash of colour here and there—autumn leaves, roses flowering late—suggested it had once been attractive place, but now it looked abandoned and forlorn. Shades of Middle Earth’s Old Forest, no less…

Want to find out more about Nat and his beloved garden, and the elusive musician he meets there? Then look no further than Kindle, where you can get December Roses for only £4.99 (or your local equivalent) – or find it free on Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy this poignant tale of loss, hope and regrowth which has been described by readers as ‘gorgeous’, ‘magical’, and ‘moody’.



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